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About us

Sugar Rush Sweets was started in 2015 by co-owners Tami Zahl and Linda Hildreth. 


We both began working together in an unrelated business. We had not met before but as we got to know each other we became friends.  Realizing that we shared a passion for traditional and unique candy and confectionaries we decided to open Sugar Rush Sweets as an online business, delivering to the surrounding area. With God as our guide we have been very successful and continue to move forward. One of our goals is to open a Candy/Confections storefront in Allendale, Michigan.  


We both have families and reside in the area. Our families have been 100% supportive and cheer us on daily. They have supported us through the late nights and busy times and have not complained once about being our guinea pigs when we make a new creation! (Actually they seem to really enjoy that perk!)  We also have a wonderful group of friends that are always there for us. We could not be pursuing our dreams without the support we receive from our family and friends!!  In fact without them this would just not be possible and we are greatly blessed!!


This is more than a business is a true passion and we are excited for what the future holds!